Wilderness Therapy Training
Vogesen, France

(Fully booked)

Tuesday 2nd to Sunday 7th July 2019. Price: €350 per person

Join us for an immersion –
training in wilderness and nature therapy over a period of 6 days

The programme will be experiential with camping and hiking as the core of the programme, with teaching embedded through the days and exercises woven into the fabric of the local environment and group.

The content will include understanding some of the main strands of wilderness therapy in practice, including tools such as the use of metaphor and landscape interpretation and connection, and also touching on the theoretical underpinning of the subject and experience.

This is an educational programme for people who are currently working or planning to work in social work, therapeutic or pedagogy field.

We will look at the practical considerations of taking people outdoors. This includes:

  • Health and safety;
  • The role of the therapist and meeting their own needs/self-care during the trail process;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of impact;
  • Meeting the group and individuals’ basic needs such as food and comfort/challenge;
  • Comfort zones and stretch zones;
  • Planning the therapeutic journey– where it starts, is embedded and continues or ends, safeguarding clients;
  • Group process and the role of the individual;
  • Leave no Trace ethics and caring/respecting nature throughout the process;
  • Sharing experience of the highlights and challenges of working with youth and challenging adults in wild and outdoor settings.

We would like to open the space for members of the group to share their own ideas, creativity and experience and this will be included/exchanged with other exercises such as meditation and mindfulness for the group.

We will do our best to accommodate food and fitness requirements and will look forward to hearing from you as to your specific interests and expectations. These will be included in a booking form and skype call between participants before the programme. Participants will be expected to arrange their own transportation to Vogesen, France* and to provide most of their own camping and outdoor equipment (Download Check List). Once bookings have been made, there will be the opportunity to look at transport ride-share and also kit and equipment sharing options.

Training will be conducted by Jo Roberts and supported by Alicia Schulmeyer.

Profile of Jo Roberts

Jo is an experienced practitioner of wilderness therapy having worked with wilderness trails and youth at risk and other clients for over 12 years. She is a psychotherapeutic counsellor and NLP practitioner, and trained social anthropologist.

She has been the founder of many of the programmes run by the Wilderness Foundation in the UK and has served as their CEO for 16 years. She has been training groups of therapists and practitioners over the past four years, working with professionals from UK, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. She is in love with the natural world and enjoys helping to facilitate growth and change in the people she works with whilst and growing awareness of how critical it is to care for the wild and nature.

Booking Details:

Price: €350 per person

To book, please complete the Booking Form and return to info@wildernessfoundation.org.uk

For enquiries, please call:    UK 0300 123 3073    Overseas +44 207 183 0689    Germany +49 157 764 61547

*Address details to be provided later

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