A group of students from the Wilderness Foundation’s TurnAround project  had the opportunity to speak with Prince Harry today about the benefits of their time with the charity

The TurnAround programme targets 15 to 21-year-olds who struggle with family, social, and personal problems to overcome their challenges through outdoor adventures

15 year old Ellie Sillett was thrilled to meet the Prince, who she thought was very relatable.
She said: “He didn’t beat around the bush, he was straight to the point.
“He was like ‘this is how it is and this is what you have got to do about it.’
Ellie, who was part of a group of youths on this programme, has found her TurnAround project really rewarding.
She added: “We are all on different levels, mental health-wise and what we’re going through, but we are all in similar age groups.
“This is the place I feel most comfortable, with these guys.”
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