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New Out There Academy programme launches in Essex

Out There Academy We are now taking referrals for a 6 week outdoor and personal development programme for young people aged 13+ in the Chelmsford and Braintree area who are: struggling to engage and stay in school at risk of suspension leading to exclusion finding that behavioural and emotional wellbeing are big issues in their [...]

Leave No Trace School Workshop

On the 16th April, the Wilderness Foundation visited Ford End Primary School to teach their pupils about the 7 'Leave No Trace' principles. The whole school took part in an interactive assembly where they were introduced to the 7 principles and asked to help apply them to various situations. Later on in the day, one [...]

WFUK launches "Leave No Trace" Training

The Wilderness Foundation UK, a registered experiential learning charity based in Chelmsford, Essex has announced the launch of two short training courses designed to raise awareness of the impact that people have on their environment. The courses will teach participants techniques to minimise their impact in the wild and will be beneficial to anyone who [...]

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Join the Sirius Leadership Programme in Scotland

The Wilderness Foundation UK in conjunction with Tellus Mater (a grant giving trust)  each year offers committed young environmentalists the chance to enter our Sirius Environmental Leadership Programme. This wonderful opportunity provides young people with an almost fully funded trail in Scotland where the participants, together with leaders from the Wilderness Foundation UK [...]

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