Welcome to The Reflections Zone

At the end of everyday, it is brilliant for mind and body, to check back on what we achieved, what we learned and what we gained.

As families or in relationships checking in with each other over a meal or at a family sit down, will improve our understanding of each other, care for each other, and give us tools to express our feelings and thoughts. There are some tips and guidelines for maintaining healthy relationships through compassion and deep listening. We will keep updating our reflections pages with fresh and new ideas.

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Every evening – take time on your own, as a couple or a family to ask each other these questions – and then share – making sure to listen and respect everyones’s contributions:

  1. What am I grateful for today?
  2. Who can I thank for a kindness or considerate act today?
  3. What made me laugh out loud?
  4. One thing I will do differently tomorrow that I learned didn’t work today!

Tips on how to keep relationships healthy:

We don’t always have to be right. There is a lovely Buddha quote that I try to remember :

‘ Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?’

Now if you need to be right about something very important like someone abusing an animal or another person, then happiness is not part of the equation. You would really put up a strong case for your values.

When we talk about being right or being happy, think about all those futile arguments that we can waste so much time over, and destroy good moments for.

For example, I can know something 100% – such as the right way up/down to plant a bulb. If someone else contradicts this – then I can say ‘This is my understanding from my research and experience. If you want to do it differently then please be my guest, but I will continue this my way’.

(Now they may not talk to you again when their tulip doesn’t grow but then…that is up to them. Strange example but hope you get the drift…)

Planning for the
future me

Try to keep a journal in those quiet moments with these thoughts:

  1. Where did I come from…who were the influential people for my parents, my childhood, my family? What religion on culture was I born into?How did this affect my view on the world?

What was my family history and what were our family traditions?

  1. What dream do I have for my future in ten or twenty years time?Where will I be physically? What will I be doing?Who will I be with? How would I like to feel? Let your imagination fly!
  2. List the people you love in the world?Who are they and why do you love them? What qualities do they have?
  3. What wisdom have I learned through life that I would share?

Map your emotions through art

Check out tips on the internet for ‘My Emotions Wheel’.

  1. Take a plain piece of paper and draw a circle on it. A glass usually works and you can draw around the rim on the paper.
  2. Think of all your emotions and try to name them..for example it could be : anger, pride, scared or fearful, loving, trusting, rejected, sad, happy, fulfilled, shameful, guilty, valued, confident…try to map out these in colours on your emotions wheel. Try to have an equal number of positive and negative emotions. Remember it is always easier to think of the negatives, try to work hard on the positives. They are there.
  3. Think what these emotions do for you? How do they serve you? Where did they come from? How do negative emotions protect you?
  4. What emotions would you like to feel?
  5. How can you work with life to have more of these good emotions? List them and that makes them easier to achieve…

Building self confidence:

List out these things in a journal

  1. What am I most happy about in my life? Why do these things make me happy?
  2. What am I most proud of in my life? Why do these things make me proud?
  3. What am I most excited about in my life? Why do these things make me excited?
  4. Who do I love and enjoy spending time with? And why?
  5. Who loves and appreciates me for who I am?

Take time to enjoy this exercise… taken from ‘Your Pocket Life Coach by Carole Gaskell’
(a great book).

Breathing techniques when you are stressed or anxious

The outbreath is more important than the in breath…make sure you take your time to breathe ina and out slowly.

Count your in breath, expanding your belly and your lungs so the air goes all the way down and is not shallow – for the count of 5, and breathe out from your belly all the way up for the count of 7.

Focus on the counting and the sensation of your breath moving in and out…this will calm you and help put your fight or flight response to bed….

Managing Stress and Anxiety