The following is the policy of Wilderness Foundation UK Ltd with regards to its place within the environment.

Wilderness Foundation UK Ltd and its staff will operate at all times showing due regard to global and local environmental considerations and issues. Wilderness Foundation UK Ltd will therefore conduct itself in such a manner so as to improve the environment or ensure that its operation minimises Wilderness Foundation UK Ltd’s impact there on. Employees will observe policies in force at sites visited in the course of their duties.

The Management and Staff is therefore charged with:

  1. Ensuring that the daily operation of Wilderness Foundation UK Ltd does not constitute a nuisance to others.
  2. Correctly using equipment and facilities provided to ensure the safe and correct handling and disposal of materials and waste products.
  3. The economical use of all resources so as to minimise waste and take advantage of recycling schemes of general advantage to the community and the environment as appropriate.
  4. The containment and safe disposal and/or recycling of chemicals, liquids, solids and gases in accordance with good operating practices.
  5. Ensuring staff involved in the assembly and/or handling of products to be used in a food environment maintain the highest standards of personal and operational tidiness, cleanliness and general health and hygiene so as not to introduce a health or safety hazard to the environment.
  6. Promotion of environmental awareness and general encouragement for staff to raise issues of concern and make recommendations and offer ideas to the Management to improve Wilderness Foundation UK Ltd’s performance.

In addition, field staff will, at all times, observe the environmental policies and instructions issued by competent, recognised authorities when visiting customer sites and premises. If, in the event that such instruction would appear to contradict Wilderness Foundation UK Ltd policy statements, common good sense or create a potential environmental or safety hazard, staff are instructed to refer to the Director or  his Supervisor for advice before proceeding.