The Wilderness Foundation is dedicated to supporting nature and wild places to flourish whilst also helping people to be the best they can be both mentally and physically.

What we are doing for you 

In response to the current pandemic we launched our COVID NATURE CARE support campaign including critical services and WILDTIME resources that you can draw on to keep you well and active during the imposed restrictions to help ease the negative impacts on both your mental and physical wellbeing.

Since the first lockdown our natural world has flourished with little interference from human activity. During the Spring and Summer of 2020 nature was in its element with blossoms, bumble bees at work, and gardens bursting into life as the world around slowed with the first lockdown. However as winter approached, we were living in ever changing circumstances and now we are in another lockdown we are having to be indoors again or socially distanced when venturing outside. This can take its toll on mental wellbeing, physical health and relationships, especially when staying in small homes with little outdoor space and only connecting physically with the outside for an hour a day.

We hope that our COVID NATURE CARE activities and WILDTIME exercises will not only inspire you and keep you busy, but help your mental wellbeing too.

How are you engaging with Nature during Covid 19?

What are you and your families doing with your time at home?

Do you have anything you could share with others, such as a photo that sums up your relationship with Nature…or a poem…or a piece of art?

Email us at or share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #WFNature.

Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for videos, photos and stories about nature and mental health with ideas on how to keep you motivated.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require help.

Emergency Online, Phone Therapy and Counselling during Covid-19 to help those struggling.

Stay safe, stay wild, stay connected.

How you can help?