Participants, Families and Carers came together with the TurnAround Essex team to celebrate the recent achievements of the cohort just returned from a wilderness week in Scotland

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended our TurnAround Essex trail celebration evening last night. Thank you for sharing in the recognition of the bold journey these amazing young people have chosen to start, building their confidence and self-esteem, growing their skills and resilience and making a positive impact in their communities.

Pictured above are the TurnAround team with families and supporters. Each participant in the trail receive a Certificate of Achievement, celebrating the hard work they have already put in to their life changing journey.

Congratulations everyone!

About TurnAround

TurnAround uses wilderness therapy, challenging outdoor experiences, one-on-one life coaching, and educational activities to enable vulnerable young people to overcome their challenges and take control of their lives.

The programme begins with a week long journey in Scotland. Trained guides and professional wilderness facilitators lead the young people out of their urban environment and into the wild. Participants start to:

  • Learn problem-solving, teamwork, and persistence through camping, cooking, and living together
  • Calm their bodies and minds through immersion in a peaceful and beautiful natural setting
  • Work on emotional and interpersonal issues with intensive adult support
  • Detox (if necessary) from drug or alcohol abuse
  • Build aspiration and hope for the future

Earning Leave No Trace certification and the John Muir Award  for conservation activities, together with other accreditation, reinforces participants’ sense that they can achieve goals through diligence and teamwork.

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