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CEO’s Blog – February 2018

Dear Friends, We are getting glimmers of sun every now and again in the midst of snow, frost and really cold weather. Seasons are so important in terms of making sense of the world – as they ebb and flow – with regularity and purpose. They can be quite reassuring and can serve as an [...]

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Year in Review: A letter from our CEO, Jo Roberts

Dear Friends, As this year comes to an end and a new one begins, it does offer us a time to reflect backwards and plan forwards. Each first day of a New Year offers an opportunity to start things fresh, make sincere commitments to do more of the good things and leave behind the behaviours [...]

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Please will you help us to help both Nature and People through this appeal?

Please help us to help both Nature and People through this urgent appeal. We need to raise £50,000 to continue our work.

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TurnAround trail week in north Wales filmed by BBC Breakfast

On Monday 22nd August 2016 our young TurnAround Berkshire participants headed up to north Wales for a week of adventure, challenge, growing independence, character building and personal growth.

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Nature is the best teacher for our modern children

Most of us who are a bit older will have some experience that when things get us down, a walk outside, a sit or digging in the garden, can genuinely make us feel better. One hears many adults talk about the freedom of their childhood when they played in the woods near home, had family [...]

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Join up Dots podcast by Wilderness Foundation CEO

Changing The Lives Of Young Adults With The Help Of Nature Recently Jo Roberts, our CEO was interviewed by and her podcast on 'Changing The Lives of Young Adults with the Help of Nature' can be accessed here: Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes Click Here to Subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed) Todays guest [...]

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Derek Jacobs

It is with great sadness that we bring you news of the recent passing of our beloved Chairman, Derek Jacobs. Derek Jacobs M.A. (Oxon.)  was a South African born businessman.  He received his BA from Rhodes in 1965 and went on to enjoy a prestigous career leading businesses to success in senior roles, including  MD [...]

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Too many people, too little wild nature

I have just returned from South Africa working on a variety of our initiatives over a few days. All have struck a very serious and disturbing chord:  the need for humans to be sorted out in terms of basic needs like food, employment, health, shelter – before we can even start to expect an  interest [...]

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