The Foundation is also able to benefit from the experience and wisdom of our number of experts and inspirational leaders in their field, as well as those able to guide us in shaping our programmes to meet the needs of people of all generations and from all walks of life. Our Advisory Board comprises:

  • Andrew Muir
  • Euan Macdonald
  • The Lady Norrie
  • Pam Savage
  • Ben Gernon
  • Robbie Nicol
  • Jules Pretty
  • Rob Collister
  • Myles Farnbank

Our thanks and gratitude are also due to the following people and businesses who support the Foundation in so many ways:

  • Voice Communications PR Support
  • Climbing Trees Management of our Google Nonprofit grant and SEO
  • Trevor and Susan Barratt photography
  • Colin Prior Wilderness Art Images
  • Ali Moran Professional Advice