The Wilderness Foundation UK is a founding member of Wilderness Foundation Global, the international umbrella organisation supporting 60 years of wilderness conservation established by Ian Player and Magqubu Ntombela.

Wilderness Foundation Global is the only international conservation organisation that:

  • Was born in and operates out of Africa
  • Is dedicated explicitly to wilderness awareness and protection that integrates spiritual, cultural, and experiential values
  • Has always respected the necessary role of indigenous people and communities in conservation

For nearly 40 years, Wilderness Foundation Global members have convened the World Wilderness Congress to bring together conservationists from across the globe.  Our members have offices and daily operations in Africa, Europe and the Americas, with emerging programmes in Asia and Australia.

The Wilderness Foundation organisations recognise the practical and spiritual importance of wild nature.   We work to protect wilderness ad connect it to the needs of people.   We collaborate across cultures, institutions, and nations to build a broad social movement for conservation of the natural world.

Wilderness Foundation (United Kingdom) harnesses the positive power of wilderness to change lives and the positive power of humanity to save

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Wilderness Foundation (Africa) seeks to protect and sustain African wilderness and wild lands through integrated conservation and education programmes.

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The WILD Foundation (Americas) respects and protects wild nature through best-practice action in the field; state-of-the-art media, policy, and science; traditional knowledge; and an ethic of ‘right relationship’ with people between people and nature

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