Wild Coast Community Stay

About the Wild Coast:

The Wild Coast is a section of the coast of the Eastern Cape, a province of South Africa. The region stretches from East London in the south to the border of KwaZulu-Natal in the north. It is the traditional home of the Xhosa people, and the birthplace of many prominent South Africans, including Nelson Mandela.
It is a special place of incredible natural beauty (think waterfalls dropping into the ocean, endless open beaches and warm friendly people) – it is also a biodiversity hotspot with incredibly high levels of endemism, plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. 50 000 hectares of indigenous forest still remains along this stretch of coast. What makes this wilderness trail special is the people of the Wild Coast, people who live in harmony with nature and welcome you as guests into their homes.

About the community stay:

By living with individual families, the community programs provide the participants with the opportunity to experience a way of life greatly removed from their lives at home.
The program is aimed to teach participants a greater social understanding of their own and others’ values, as well as harness social skills.
The community stay benefits both the program participants as well as the local community:

  • Volunteering makes a meaningful difference to the remote and rural local community.
  • It enables students to ‘give back’ by sharing skills and knowledge.
  • Participants learn about African culture, lifestyle, family values and beliefs.
  • They gain a greater understanding of poverty and social issues within the developing world.
  • They become more globally aware and develop an appreciation of the value of their own lives.

In their everyday lives when they return home students have participated in building, worked with children, refurbished classrooms, created play areas, helped in vegetable patches and much more.


How to book:

We encourage all of participants to combine a wilderness trail with a community stay, however, it is possible to book an individual community stay.
For more information on the Wild Coast or to book your unique community stay, call us on 0300 123 3073, or email the Wilderness Foundation.